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Our History

Over 20 years ago a group of parents organized a summer camp that gave their daughters an experience of the outdoors and also encouraged them to develop and to live the Christian virtues. The spirit of the camp was extended throughout the school year through a network of girls’ clubs that continued and fostered the learning and friendships the girls had begun in the summer.

Since then, numerous parents have dedicated their time, effort, and creativity to developing both the summer camp and the club activities. Clubs have now spread throughout the West Coast. Although run independently, these clubs share a common vision. Various programs held during the year bring the clubs and their organizers together.

These activities also give high school and college women the opportunity for leadership and service. During the year, high school counselors, many of them former club members, assist club leaders with activities and also serve as role models for the younger girls. These counselors meet once a month with college mentors to prepare materials for the clubs and for the summer camp. In seminar-style workshops, the college students share practical advice on acquiring academic excellence and meeting the social challenges of young adult life.